This is the T1 Elite Tact Watch - The Most RUGGED Smartwatch Known To Man!

The T1 Elite Tact Smart Watch is designed to be used under the most brutal conditions for up to 33 months! This is thanks to the high capacity battery, 4th-Gen gorilla glass technology & military grade steel - this is probably the only smart watch IronMan would be proud to wear.

25 State of the Art Features

featuresEverything you need packed into one watch!

Dust & Waterproof, carbon coated body

  • 4th Gen Gorilla Glass - Thanks to this new technology, you can now read the time in direct sunlight
  • Supercharged battery - the battery can last up to 33 months with one charge (Imagine a smartphone that could last that long!)
  • Available languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese
watch colors

Military Grade Steel

Can Handle High Impact in Many Situations

Sport Straps

Anti-Corrosive, Anti-Allergenic, Stretch Proof

4th Gen Gorilla Glass

Corning Scratch Resistant Gorilla Glass 4


What Our Customers Have to Say

"This is easily the best value in the Tactical Smart Wear market."
- James Harper

"This watch really does match the hype. Battery life easily kicks the other smart watches to the curb. I haven't had to charge it in months!"
- Shaun Alvarrez

"Amazingly durable watch, has everything you need. Most of the features are multi-purpose which is awesome.  Great purchase. I would definitely recommend it for an avid survivalist, like myself."
- Bruce Robinson

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How to Get The T1 Elite Smart Watch

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Step 2: Follow the easy to read instruction manual to discover the 25 options that the watch offers.

Step 3: Enjoy your Tact Watch with its indestructible glass and frame!

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Finally a SmartWatch that does not break at the slightest impact!

The T1 Military Tactical Watch is one of a kind in the military watches category. It is a connected watch designed to withstand extreme conditions. There is now a wide choice of connected watches offered by major brands, but they are for the most part extremely fragile and expensive.

The T1 Elite Tact Smart Watch's steel frame with carbon coating makes it almost indestructible. It can withstand water (50m waterproof water resistance), shock, dust, and even fire!


Not surprisingly, our T1 Tactical SmartWatch also features a superior FSTN inverted video display for outstanding outdoor visibility, including direct sunlight contact. The display has been subjected to a complete optimization and the back light can thus adapt to the changes of light in your environment!

weight and size

25 Fully Programmable Functions

The number of functions offered is impressive:

Sports Tracking / Health : The T1 Tactical Sports Watch's activity tracker can record the distance traveled per day, the difficulty of an activity and the number of calories burned thanks to the heart rate monitor.

It can display and organize all your activities thanks to the automatic synchronization with the available APP on iOS and Android.

The watch even offers a system for monitoring the quality of sleep and a gravity sensor!

Notifications / Alarm : The T1 Elite Tact Smartwatch informs you of all received calls and SMS, as well as all Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp or Skype notifications according to your choice.

Photos / Videos : After Bluetooth connection via the APP you can take photos from your phone just pressing one button on the Watch

features set

A modern and sporty look

The functions of a smartwatch is important, but the look of the watch also counts! All connected watches today seem to follow the Apple model with a sleek design but that quickly becomes classic and bland...

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The Elite Tact Watch, on the other hand, was immediately a big success in the United States thanks to its stylish and highly appreciated look, which stands out very clearly from the other well-known connected smartwatches on the market.